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<p>With in-app purchases included, Alcazar has over 480 puzzles, each a unique Sudoku-like logic problem that involves lines and physical space, rather than numbers.</p><p>The rules of Alcazar are simple.</p><p>You must cross each tile only once, enter from one door, and exit out another.</p><p>With different room sizes, shapes, and barriers, this simple ruleset stretches far across Alcazar's several stages, making for a surprisingly complex logic game.</p><p>You can play a demo of Alcazar in a browser.</p><p>The full game costs $3.73 USD on Android, but the free version comes with a generous 90 levels, all ad-free.</p><p>Grab Alcazar on Google Play.</p><p>EDIT: The original article states there are 90 levels available in the free version of Alcazar. This is incorrect. Alcazar (free) comes with 30 levels, and a few free sample levels from each following chapter.</p>.

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com.sigmateam.Vlinder Life Dressup Avatar.free

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